Marc Jacobs Decadence Women EDP 100ml Brand New


Marc Jacobs Decadence Women EDP 100ml Brand New

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Sensual elegance and unadulterated beauty. Passion in the air and an original and luxurious bottle. Marc Jacobs Decadence Eau de Parfum is designed to pamper your feminine nature. Diffuse music performed by aromatic notes selected in perfect proportions.
Only when the first drops of aphrodisiac come into contact with your skin, you will feel the tones of plum, iris and saffron in the air.
The herbs will merge with the fruits and cover them with a colored blanket. You can be sure that you will surround yourself with an intimate and predatory aura that attracts men's eyes. The positive mood will stay in your heart for long hours, awakening deeply hidden fantasies.
Jasmine sambac and Bulgarian rose will enhance the first whisper of the iris, which will also appear in the middle of the composition.
You will be more attractive, you will immediately arouse desire. The base of the bouquet is made of vetiver, papyrus and amber, creating a layer of warmth and sparkling depth. Dare to take the first step. It is enough to be challenged by life.
Marc Jacobs Decadence Eau de Parfum will give you more courage to reach the heights of your own abilities. What are you waiting for? Try it today!

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